The New Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Corrupt NSW Police

    Pharma.TV Founder calls for formal investigation into his Attempted murder.

    Today Pharma.TV’s founder called for a formal investigation into his attempted murder by the Commonwealth of Australia and corrupt elements…

    by Pharma TV
  • Big Pharma Distractions

    Big Pharma are using ‘Dodgy Pharmacist’ stories as a distraction from their Monumental Crimes.

    Stories about the odd shifty Pharmacist are not the news stories we need to see about the pharmaceutical industry. Lately…

    by Pharma TV
  • Grim Reaper Quack

    There is something fishy about HIV. But what exactly is it?

    There is something we are not being told about HIV. I have been trying to work through this in some…

    by Pharma TV
  • Freemasons Hiding Murder

    These Bodgy old Freemasons really want you to believe that the problem with Chemo is ‘Underdosing’.

    This post is about dark Masonic figures involved in chemo therapy administration in Australia and is derived from the story…

    by Pharma TV
  • VAMP Chemotherapy

    Was the VAMP Chemo Regimen a modern example of human parasitism in our Hospital System?

    The apocalypse is not some tacky Hollywood movie with big explosions and shit. The apocalypse is something entirely different though…

    by Pharma TV
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals

    Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and the Crime of Genocide in Australia

    Teva Pharmaceuticals is the first corporation we are naming as one of the agents directly accountable for intergenerational crimes against…

    by Pharma TV
  • Organic Cannabis

    Organic Cannabis Brings Consciousness, The Mental Health Industry Creates Mental Health Problems. Exploring Cannabis and Bioelectric Energy.

    The fact of the matter is that Cannabis use heightens consciousness. This is exactly what leaders of government and the…

    by Pharma TV
  • Hospital Parking

    Is Corporate Corruption Compromising the Quality of Hospital Care in Australia – The Proof is in the Parking.

    Everyday the people who make the care that hospitals provide Australians possible drive to work to embark on duties that…

    by Pharma TV
  • Statin Drugs

    A hands on Experience with Statin Drugs

    A year or so ago my father discovered he had a health problem. It seemed that his heart was in…

    by Pharma TV
  • Are Jewish Pharma Billionaires Faking Their Deaths to Escape Accountability?

    Recently there was a death of Pharmaceutical Billionaires reported and a degree of Mystery around these deaths. I was intrigued…

    by Pharma TV
  • Kubrick and Cannabis

    Kubrick and Cannabis

    Anyone that follows our work will know that Kubrick is one of our inspirations. He has influenced a lot of…

    by Pharma TV
  • Ego Pharma One Eye Covered Symbolism

    The Esoteric Games Played with Australian Lives by The Pharmaceutical Industry

    What would you think if you knew that there were people out there playing games with your health? What would…

    by Pharma TV