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Malta Identified as hotspot of cult medical crimes.

Malta Identified as hotspot of cult medical crimes.
January 30, 2020 Pharma TV

The Nation of Malta and organisations such as the sovereign military order of Malta portray themselves as progressive when it comes to the issue of transgenderism.

The truth of the matter is that nations with such a deep history are more likely to have knowledge of things such as biblical blood lines, cult practices and so on. So you should expect at the very least that these nations would have a body of knowledge on these topics. But despite the fact that organisations like the order of Malta Portray an outwardly progressive stance on these issues you obviously won’t see them disclosing that the nation of Malta do lend material support to artists and musicians that serve dark forces with intent. That wish to see Australian children under the surgical knife. That do wish to cut the flesh for occult purposes. So the facade that the order of Malta erect around transgenderism is just that. A Facade. A truer interpretation of the cult forces that operate around Malta is that they would seek that we remain ignorant on these topics whilst they profiteer from both the brain screwing and the surgery.

What I will say of the musical acts that are serving the darkness is that it appears to me as if they go hard. Yes they are working hard. Yet whenever I seek to either research, discuss or convey my opinion on these topics the general feeling is that it is wished that I would stop. Ive made it clear that my intention on this earth is goodness. So when the darkness looks like its working double time, why would we stop or be concerned? I mean I don’t think My work even has traction yet. But I bet that Doctors that travel between Malta and Australia are doing a lot of Gender surgery consultations. Do you think that this could be because Youtube (Jew Curse Tube) Is streaming millions upon millions of views of people promoting transgenderism? Probably.

So Australia needs to be particularly cautious with the medical relations we engage in with the nation of Malta. And we can easily name Israel as a criminal state in regards to Australia’s Medical history. Being honest, I would say most woke folk know that by now. But Malta also needs to be added to our list of hot spots of occult medical crimes. We know that the Jewish communities in that state do follow practices that are not of the same high moral standards that Christian communities follow.

So the main point of this article is to inform people that even though Israel and travel to and from Israel will be used in Australia as evidence of participation in Medical Crimes. Malta now due to its tendency to support musical acts that have malicious intent toward Australian children, Is also considered a focus point for seeking those involved in medical crimes in Australia. If they don’t want to be the focus point for such crimes they need to distance themselves from musical acts that seek to manipulate and exploit the energy of young Australians. They need to make sure that anyone they support has the right spirit and intent when they take a stage in Australia.

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