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  • Medications Index

    What is our Medications Index?

    Our Medications Index is intended to gather consumer data on Medication experiences and outcomes. Although in its early stages of…

    by Pharma TV
  • Big Pharma Distractions

    Big Pharma are using ‘Dodgy Pharmacist’ stories as a distraction from their Monumental Crimes.

    Stories about the odd shifty Pharmacist are not the news stories we need to see about the pharmaceutical industry. Lately…

    by Pharma TV
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals

    Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and the Crime of Genocide in Australia

    Teva Pharmaceuticals is the first corporation we are naming as one of the agents directly accountable for intergenerational crimes against…

    by Pharma TV
  • Are Jewish Pharma Billionaires Faking Their Deaths to Escape Accountability?

    Recently there was a death of Pharmaceutical Billionaires reported and a degree of Mystery around these deaths. I was intrigued…

    by Pharma TV