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Fentanyl Fest – Is the Liberal Use of Fentanyl in our Hospital System about healing or profitable occult culling?

Fentanyl Fest – Is the Liberal Use of Fentanyl in our Hospital System about healing or profitable occult culling?
August 30, 2019 Pharma TV
Sunshine Coast University Hospital ICU

You don’t have to look far to see coverage of fentanyl use in society. It is a topic covered in everything from Mainstream News to tacky Netflix soap operas. Most of the coverage is related to its tendency to cause overdoses in people who have heroin addictions or become addicted to Fentanyl itself. This article however focuses on my witnessing and experience of the medical use of Fentanyl in an ICU in an Australian Hospital in 2018.

During a family members stay in an ICU unit after surgery, they were constantly dosed with Fentanyl. This was obviously done to provide relief from acute pain post surgery after an infection took hold. For me suspicion arose when news coverage also emerged of the directors of INSYS therapeutics being prosecuted for crimes in the USA.

Realistically over the time of his surgery there were a lot of good people supporting. There were a lot of good people that invested their time and energy. On the whole the outcome wasn’t too bad despite the extended stay in hospital, our family member got some of the things he requested with the surgery outcome.

But it would be irresponsible for me not to detail some of the observations and occult activity I observed during my time visiting in the hospital.

The packaging of many Fentanyl product types is Purple. People with understanding of Masonic colour coding will know that this means that the medicine is unholy. It is perfectly logical assuming it is that given that such small amounts of the substance can easily result in death. So this begs the question, who is given the unholy medicine and who the holy? Fentanyl is sold and consumed in substantial quantities world wide and used heavily in hospitals. But is it the only answer and is is the best solution?

One wold have to ask oneself, is the strategy of the Saturn Jew Cult that has had such a grip on our Social Administration and Medical Systems to wind down lives in the hospital systems through medical negligence whilst profiting to the Maximum through synthetically manufactured medications? Do our governments seek to minimize the burden of the social welfare contract they encouraged people to enter by shortening lives in the hospital system?

Are there occult forces that during old age engage in theft of life force through occult murder in our hospital system? There are films that teach us that the Canaanite Blood line, what we call modern day Israel practice exactly this. Vampirism. I could have assumed that at least some of the forces at play in the hospital were not good and as normal there were those also involved in the battle to ensure good transpires.

The purple colouring also makes reference to Saturn. Well it may be the case that this colour coding is applied to make medical professionals aware of the nature of the substance they are dealing with, the nurses I encountered did not for a second give the indication that the liberal use of fentanyl was anything to be thought out of the ordinary.

Beyond the medical intention of the colour coding, one of my deepest concerns is that the extremely high overdose rate on the streets in nations such as America is part of a coordinated effort by Governments to undertake a Saturnian Cull. Lets hope that if there has been any intention in the broad spread distribution of Fentanyl, justice is faced for what is an abhorrent crime.

One of the key effects I noticed during the administration fentanyl was a tightening and shuddering of the Jaw. It was surely an intense medicine and yes I do wonder if there are not better alternatives for pain relief in surgery/post surgery ICU situations. What has been used historically and should not all patients under care be given access to the best medication?

But my objection to the use of fentanyl was not just the liberal manner in which it was used and the apparent enthusiasm to use it. The post surgery care of the patient and the effects of Fentanyl was poorly managed. For a person that had hardly ever taken opiates during their life there was a clear and profound effect on consciousness after being discharged from ICU. Mood swings, depression, confusion all known side effects of fentanyl. As a family we were not warned about this or guided on how to deal with it. How did the sociopathic medical profession handle it? They suggested to prescribe intense anti depressants. So they double down on the chemical cocktail and suggest that it will lead to healing which anyone with common sense knows will not. It is clear why GP directed medicine is the leading cause of death in some nations.

As the corporations associated with fentanyl production in the USA crumble, I am going to be interested to see who has profited from the drug in Australia. I think we should be deeply focused on the venture capital firms associated with the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and which ones were involved in the purchasing of Fentanyl.

We will be following the prosecution of the directors of INSYS Therapeutics in Australia and commenting about the products ongoing use in our medical institutions.

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