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There is something fishy about HIV. But what exactly is it?

There is something fishy about HIV. But what exactly is it?
June 5, 2018 Pharma TV
Grim Reaper Quack

There is something we are not being told about HIV.

I have been trying to work through this in some of our recent posts and I have felt over the past weeks that something about HIV was coming down the pipeline.

As I said in a recent post about cancer, my views on this topic are not completely uninformed. In fact years ago I visited a HIV Clinic in the heart of London. Not for treatment fortunately, instead as a consultant in the digital media industry. The first thing the doctor at London’s freedom health explained is that HIV as a medical condition is entirely fear driven. Well, as this article will outline I think we need to first and foremost understand who and why that fear is being driven and if indeed it is justified.

In the article, I will try and thrash out some of our thoughts and then conclude with a guess as to what we think the scenario might be.

No in this post I am not going to propose that HIV is manmade and used as a weapon against humanity. I have not explored that theory so much. Although what I am proposing may be greyer and somewhat more sinister. And no, I am not suggesting that we should throw caution to the wind when it comes to practicing safe sex.

So here is what we have found so far when it comes to the human phenomena known as HIV:

  • It is possible to be diagnosed as HIV positive in one nation, and then fly to another and not be diagnosed as HIV positive. That’s super fishy right? That is really bizarre. That is to say in one nation a doctor could diagnose you and recommend a course of treatment, even put you on medical lists that could greatly restrict your life. And in another nation you are given the all clear.
  • There are doctors on youtube that will inject themselves with the HIV virus and then claim there is not connection with HIV and AIDS. Yes there are doctors that are so confident that the medical establishment is so wrong about HIV that that they are not concerned about it as being a risk to health that they will inject themself with it.
  • People high up in the Medical HIV hierarchy have rang alarm bells when discovering that the leaders of HIV prevention know that there are no clear answers when it comes to the links between HIV and AIDS.
  • As this information has come to light, Australia’s leading Jewish HIV doctors have mysteriously died, just as Canada’s leading Jewish Pharma Billionaires recently did as well. Why are doctors with histories in these dubious areas of medical consultation disappearing. Is it because when people find out what they have done they would likely take to them with a pick axe?
  • Donald Trump the ‘US President’ recently terminated the employment of his entire HIV council.
  • The birth or announcement of HIV in Australia could easily be regarded as a work of occult magic. The Grim Reaper ad campaign that ran in the 80s is surely remembered by all who saw it and HIV was targeted at very specific groups. Homosexuals. Drug Users. Africans.
  • One thing we can clearly establish from the above points. Just as we can see that the police force are an aspect of corrupt control and manipulation of society. We can also see that the medical establishment has been hijacked and used as a pure tool of both societal control and profit. And just as the use of authoritarianism or invalid force in our police forces is a crime, the use of authoritarinasim in our medical establish should be seen as a crime as well, especially when it is backed by junk science.

    So then with our knowledge of the above, what is it about HIV? It seems like being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS is a bit random almost like getting caught in a net or sprung by a mouse trap.

    Is the fact that HIV is really some type of occult working. Does the concept of participating in Science without Spirit resonate here? Is it that the medical leaders of last generation found something under the microscope but have been horrifically wrong in understanding what it is and how to deal with it. If treatment was needed at all?

    When you consider the targets we have specified in the above and the leaders of the last generation association with the modern state of Israel I can see a connection. Homosexuality is a biblical sin (Sodomy). As is drug use (Vice). And like all industries that face challenges expanding in the west, corporations always try to cast their net to less fortunate countries which are easily convinced by our scientific ‘expertise’ (Africa). Has HIV been a working by Jewish and Christian Zionists with little regard for humanity and a false belief about their supreme position within humanity.

    Is HIV best described as a curse cast on humanity by the corrupt medical leaders of the last generation, compliant with the corrupt leaders of the masonic order, religious institutions and the complicit pharmaceutical and financial sector.

    As one of my favourite doctors says, If it didn’t exist 100 years ago, you don’t need it and don’t want it. HIV did not exist 100 years ago and it is fairly evident that what is being questioned now is the authenticity of the people who have cast it into the forefront of medical consciousness.

    What is most concerning is knowing with the Fake moon landing for example how long it has taken to remove this form the collective consciousness. It seems that we as the next generation have to literally force the bankster criminals of the last generation and all their greed and vanity off the rotting corpse of humanity. The best way to do this will be to let them know that all who have profited from sale of HIV meds, inaccurate diagnosis / testing technique will be criminally liable for errors or deaths in our hospitals and medical system.

    Is the historical reduction in Aids deaths we have seen over the last decades a indication of medical advancement or is it more indicative of a slowing of what is in fact targeted medical murder that was orchestrated as an occult magical working?

    If HIV is not what we have been told and there has been corruption in the medical establishment, when will this truth come to the fore? Or will more people die at the hands of a hungry medical and science establishment unwilling to come clean about their errors of the past?


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