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These Bodgy old Freemasons really want you to believe that the problem with Chemo is ‘Underdosing’.

These Bodgy old Freemasons really want you to believe that the problem with Chemo is ‘Underdosing’.
May 19, 2018 Pharma TV
Freemasons Hiding Murder

This post is about dark Masonic figures involved in chemo therapy administration in Australia and is derived from the story Chemo underdosing victim Andrew Knox vows to fight on after doctors try to shut down inquest. This post is held as evidence of Masonic bodies involved in crimes against humanity in Australia.
Freemasons are currently engaging in initiatives attempting to conceal that Doctors have been murdering Australian Children and Australian Families in our hospitals with intent and for profit.

My position on Chemotherapy does not come from an uninformed place. I do not totally discount the ability of chemicals or chemical combinations to effect cancers. However, I do also not think that chemo therapy should be considered by populations as the default go-to paradigm for cancer treatment. And I take the beliefs of the plethora of credible natural medical doctors I follow seriously.

These Natural Medical Doctors say that many of the doctors that insist on the administration of Chemo as the primary treatment for cancer must be sociopathic. Because in the bulk of cases it expedites death and does not save life. Sociopathic such that they are willing to destroy or damage human life for profit and if not even profit to uphold a belief system that has been maintained through violence & force.

Our recent court of light finding established that the earths freemasonic order are directly implicated in crimes against humanity and the practice of the inversion of truth for the benefit of specific corporations.

And although I wish I could tell you that the men who are crafting this narrative are doing so for the best interests of the medical profession and human health as a whole, I do find it hard to believe. Just as we have said of other works of consciousness, the fact that they are emitting what appears to be horribly deceptive light is damaging enough in itself. This light is also flowing downstream and being used on social sites probably by paid actors to prop up Australia’s one dimensional Chemo paradigm that props up our State and federal governments and private pharma corporations.

The narrative around this story speaks volumes about the objectives of Australia’s ageing and corrupted order of Masons. They want you to think that the risk is doctors not giving you enough Chemo. They don’t want you to think the real problem may be that Chemo is not the solution at all. That the solutions might be completely somewhere else. I know for a fact that men who are at least attempting to try alternate solutions are in fact being jailed.

In the current economic climate, I don’t think it is difficult to find some tired old freemasons to wheel out to completely distort the publics view of the realities of what is happing at the Coal face of cancer treatment.

I have not studied the specifics of this case, but the narrative and the light at the suracfe of the story speaks for itself. With terms like ‘Public Confidence’ being used, these people are simply trying to prop up existing economic models, treatment paradigms and corporate wallets.

When will we read the stories that tell us that Chemo therapy may in fact have been massively abused?

When we hear that this may have been done to benefit the interests of those in the chemical, chemistry and science industries?

When will we hear that these groups actions may in fact constitute murder.

That is Cleary not the intention of these aged cross-armed freemasons.

They want you to think somewhere else, but I would suggest that the future of cancer treatment lies elsewhere and in a diversity of places.

We will continue to push that formal trials for crimes against humanity within Australia’s medical industry take place and publicly name the benefactors of those crimes against humanity until trials are held.


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