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Big Pharma are using ‘Dodgy Pharmacist’ stories as a distraction from their Monumental Crimes.

Big Pharma are using ‘Dodgy Pharmacist’ stories as a distraction from their Monumental Crimes.
June 11, 2018 Pharma TV
Big Pharma Distractions

Stories about the odd shifty Pharmacist are not the news stories we need to see about the pharmaceutical industry.

Lately there have been stories appearing in Australian Newspapers about the odd corrupt pharmacy proprietor selling pills on the side.

This is no doubt the work of our corrupt Government, Corrupt Freemasonic police forces and Pharma corporations themselves trying to give us the impression that a clean up is taking place. The clean up of the scale we need to take place has not even started.

No clean up will have taken place until the well established listed pharmaceutical corporations that are directly implicated in acts of Genocide and murder for profit within our hospital systems have been held to account for their crimes against humanity.

A brief list of these corporations to give you a grasp of who I am referring to.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
Astra Zeneca
Gilead Sciences
Johnson & Johnson
The list goes on……

When you visit a local hospital, you can engage a nurse in conversation and they will tell you about billion dollar acts of deception that have taken place within the pharmaceutical and hospital system. Why are such failings within big Pharma such common knowledge, yet no substantial action is ever taken.

The entirety of their corporate wealth and market position is built on the blood of innocent civilians lives. Because all of them complicit with tyranny and have allowed that tyranny to fill the coffers of their incorporations.

Teva pharmaceutical industries is an interesting example because they have happily allowed their own people in the land of Israel to develop and establish medical cannabis treatments while suppressing Australian citizens with violence and force. This means the crimes applicable to Israeli Pharma and Medical corporations and their venture Capital Associates in countries such as the UK and America should be and will be read as Murder.

The willingness of these corporations to participate in murder for profit in the lands of Australia will never be forgotten and we intend to maintain historical records right here on Pharma.TV. And while looking backward to hold histories criminals accountable, we will also look toward a positive future in building the new pharmaceuticals industry ensuring it is an industry of honesty and integrity.

We will continue issuing boycott notices and consumer notices of the corporate and venture capital bodies implicated in crimes against humanity in Australia and ensure the bodies are removed from our hospital systems so as to allow Australian citizens who have demonstrated that they actually care for human life to play a bigger role and take a larger slice of the financial rewards.

Further to this we expect that Australia will be a leading force in holding Israeli, American, and European Pharmaceutical companies accountable for crimes against humanity and murder in the lands of Australia and other nations.

Just as the people have forced the catholic church to acknowledge their roles in crimes against humanity, a process that is far from over. The community need to to continually inform citizens that if they have been victims of pharmaceutical companies fraud or negligence they have the right to be compensated. We expect to see mass prosecution of earths established Pharma corporations, a process that we will actively advocate for and support. The areas that we advise citizens should be informed they have the right for compensation include in particular HIV Meds and Chemo patients who have been advised or forced into Chemo treatment and experienced secondary cancers or other related health problems.

Pharma.TV will be covering legal action and posting further notices on class action activity in the future.

We are not convinced or compelled by the distractions being propagated by Mainstream media. The odd dodgy pharmacist selling pills is not the real problem with Pharma. It is time to prepare ourselves for the real story to unfold.


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