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Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and the Crime of Genocide in Australia

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and the Crime of Genocide in Australia
May 7, 2018 Pharma TV
Teva Pharmaceuticals

Teva Pharmaceuticals is the first corporation we are naming as one of the agents directly accountable for intergenerational crimes against humanity and genocide in the lands of Australia. The purpose of This post is to create a permanent etheric record of Israel’s Teva Pharmaceuticals (TLV: TEVA) direct participation in crimes against humanity against the Australian people.

We have further information about medical negligence from European based Pharmaceutical Corporations that will be brought to the light in future posts.

Further to this In future coverage on Pharma.TV we will be naming doctors who have prescribed medicines from this corporation so that Australian consumers can make decisions on where they take consultancy based on historic records of doctors and the origin of the medicines they prescribe.

This is a direct advisory from Pharma.TV to avoid consuming medicines manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals as their direct participation in intergenerational crimes against humanity and genocide indicate that they are not of suitable moral character to be operating in the field of pharmaceutical production, and in consuming medicines manufactured by this corporation you leave yourself at extreme health risk.

It is somewhat surprising that a corporation with abundant resource and staff occupying positions such as Medical Analysis have been so complicit in an enforcement that even a simple mind can ascertain are laws of ignorance. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries are implicated in the forced pre meditated murder of thousands upon thousands of Australian citizens and is a corporation that is inherently corrupt and violent in nature. We recommend Australian citizens and people in the business community advise Teva Pharmaceuticals and their agents that they are unwelcome in these lands and their crimes will never be forgiven and never be forgotten. Even though I’m entirely certain that these characters are going to think that they are just going to march on business as usual, they are going to do so with their historic actions and atrocities recorded and documented. It is expected that our coverage of Teva Pharmaceuticals criminal activity within Australia and the Australian hospital system will be protracted and our end objective is to have the corporation dissolved and permanently recognised as one of the key players in the orchestrated murder of innocent Australians for decades.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries have also benefited from operating in an environment of acute etheric corruption in the lands of Australia which we believe from research originates in part from Teva Pharmaceuticals Headquartered country, Israel. This places the likelihood of acute criminality having transpired within Teva Pharmaceuticals as extremely high. We would also like to issue a warning to agents of the Australian government who are likewise implicated in crimes against humanity, against entering into contracts with this corporation until the Australian people have witnessed a formal trial processes take place.

Through continued action and informing the community about Corporations like Teva’s participation in Crimes against humanity it is our hope that we create a far more diversified medical landscape and stop flows of capital into corporations with violent criminal histories.

It is our expectation that Teva Pharmaceutical Industries will participate in the forthcoming trials for Medical Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide that have transpired in Australia along with other corporate and governmental bodies that we believe are also implicated. More details will be outlined in the future in this publication and in others that we operate.


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