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A hands on Experience with Statin Drugs

A hands on Experience with Statin Drugs
January 29, 2018 Pharma TV
Statin Drugs

A year or so ago my father discovered he had a health problem. It seemed that his heart was in decline. I knew in some way that he had an issue with his cardio vascular system. In his later years working at the end of difficult tasks he was left panting.

So when I came home to spend time with the family and saw Dad was taking a bunch of heart medications I was kind of concerned.

But I didn’t go and dive into his stack of pills and investigate them one by one. Usually if you deal with people in such an intrusive way you have less likelihood of having an impact.

I said to him though multiple times as we drove together in the car:

“Father, I would like you to spend time researching the pills you are taking.”

“Father, you need to know exactly what all of the pills you are taking are doing, you should sit down and research them one by one.”

Anyways, my father is stubborn and he did nothing. During the heat of summer his health slowly declined.

So I took a more direct approach and started investigating his pills one by one. It didn’t take long before we found one of the the causes of his Health decline. Each and every day he would wake up exhausted, and one of his symptoms was a swollen face. A symptom that I recognised, but his wife of 30+ years could not even see.

The statin medications that he was taking to reduce cholesterol are widely discussed by many doctors and all of the doctors that I have trust and respect for described these pills as murder. Even with my relatively un-advanced understanding of the human body’s advanced biology I can understand that these statin pills are an ignorant sledge hammer approach.

Although it is not realistic to blame statins for my Fathers health problems in total, it is probably better that way. Because if these pills had killed him, they would have claimed that I was emotionally effected. So now with no emotional connection at all I can say with clarity that the people who prescribe these pills are criminals. The doctors in this case will be named and their details will be held in perpetuity so that people in the future seeking cardiac advice will be able to know how doctors have conducted themselves in the past.

The same doctors that described these pills as murder explain that Big Pharma companies bring trend pills on to the market, all stand behind them whether they heal or kill, and then as soon as they become generics pull support.

The new pharmaceutical industry will not allow in the future for medicines to be prescribed that common sense alone tells you are terrible for the overall health and all doctors will be expected to use complex health metrics and human understanding to work with heath issues such as heart disease.


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