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  • AIDS

    Prescription of Chemotherapeutic Medications for Fabricated Diseases such as HIV/AIDS Declared a Medical Crime.

    Today Pharma.TV is informing pharmaceutical corporations and medical institutions such as hospitals and general practitioners that diagnosing and prescribing medications…

    by Pharma TV
  • Big Pharma Distractions

    Big Pharma are using ‘Dodgy Pharmacist’ stories as a distraction from their Monumental Crimes.

    Stories about the odd shifty Pharmacist are not the news stories we need to see about the pharmaceutical industry. Lately…

    by Pharma TV
  • Grim Reaper Quack

    There is something fishy about HIV. But what exactly is it?

    There is something we are not being told about HIV. I have been trying to work through this in some…

    by Pharma TV