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Pharma.TV Founder calls for formal investigation into his Attempted murder.

Pharma.TV Founder calls for formal investigation into his Attempted murder.
October 17, 2018 Pharma TV
Corrupt NSW Police

Today Pharma.TV’s founder called for a formal investigation into his attempted murder by the Commonwealth of Australia and corrupt elements within the NSW police force.

In 2017 Police officers entered my house illegally, took me to a local police station and conducted a forced DNA test without consent.

The final act of the arresting officers was to ask me if I had any medical conditions and then throw me out onto the street in a scenario that would likely lead to death with anyone suffering the medical conditions I disclosed to the officers.

The attempted murder came when:
– I began disclosing that Australia’s government were engaged in mass tax embezzlement against Australian Citizens by using consciousness manipulation and etheric deceptions.
– Multi Billion dollar medical frauds and institutionalised murder being undertaken in our hospital systems.
– The etheric falsification of the leaders of the Commonwealth being undertaken by Corrupt elements in the Judicial, Commercial and Governmental arenas.

Since these events have taken place there has been no response or communication from government, police or law bodies involved.

Today I am making a formal request that an investigation be held into my attempted murder and that Government bodies ensure that no such corrupt and violent conduct take place in Australia against any of its citizens again.

It goes without saying that the men involved in such low conduct are surely not working to enforce any type of law but are instead the henchmen of corrupt and violent regimes who have usurped power in Australia and must be held to account.

The Grand Architect and Almighty Creator of Pharma.TV


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