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Procter & Gamble Head & Shoulders

Procter & Gamble Head & Shoulders
August 22, 2023 Pharma TV

This Is Health Information For The Use Of Scalp Care Products.

Historically I Have Used A Product Called Head And Shoulders. Procter & Gamble Are A Curse Brand That Have Had Numerous Product Issues With Products Causing Cancer.

I Haven’t Run Deep Analysis Of The Components This Product Is Made Of. This Is Based On Several Years Of Experience Using The Product.

We Don’t Believe The Product Treats Or Heals A Dry Scalp. We Believe It In fact Makes The Issue Worse. It Makes The Dry Scalp Flakier And Causes The Dandruff To Repeatedly Return.

It May Be A Product That Is Formulated Chemically To Generate Repeated Use And Therefore Higher Sales Volumes. I Find My Dry Scalp Disappears When I Travel To Different Regions. I Have A Number Of Theories Why That Happens.

The Treatment I Currently Use For A Dry Scalp Is Applying Raw Natural Aloe Vera. We Generally Advise Against The Use Of Procter & Gamble Head & Shoulders. It Is Likely That The Chemical Composition Of The Product Is Not Good For Your Wellbeing. It Would Be Great To See Further Media Exposure Of This Product As We Have Seen Of Other Procter & Gamble Products.


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