The New Pharmaceutical Industry


  • Sunshine Coast University Hospital ICU

    Fentanyl Fest – Is the Liberal Use of Fentanyl in our Hospital System about healing or profitable occult culling?

    You don’t have to look far to see coverage of fentanyl use in society. It is a topic covered in…

    by Pharma TV
  • Freemasons Hiding Murder

    These Bodgy old Freemasons really want you to believe that the problem with Chemo is ‘Underdosing’.

    This post is about dark Masonic figures involved in chemo therapy administration in Australia and is derived from the story…

    by Pharma TV
  • Hospital Parking

    Is Corporate Corruption Compromising the Quality of Hospital Care in Australia – The Proof is in the Parking.

    Everyday the people who make the care that hospitals provide Australians possible drive to work to embark on duties that…

    by Pharma TV