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Prescription of Chemotherapeutic Medications for Fabricated Diseases such as HIV/AIDS Declared a Medical Crime.

Prescription of Chemotherapeutic Medications for Fabricated Diseases such as HIV/AIDS Declared a Medical Crime.
September 8, 2019 Pharma TV

Today Pharma.TV is informing pharmaceutical corporations and medical institutions such as hospitals and general practitioners that diagnosing and prescribing medications for HIV/AIDS is to be considered a crime. Our research on HIV/AIDS which now spans several years has led us to the conclusion that the diagnosis and prescription of pharmaceutical medications to targeted communities such as homosexuals and drug users is structured pre-meditated parasitism ultimately designed to take life for profit.

While people should feel free to speak down on the lifestyle of homosexuality, people who choose that
lifestyle are people who should be considered and cared for just the same as any other being. People go through stages, people change, people repent. Through none of these life stages should there be occult forces practising parasitism and ultimately plotting occult murder.

My belief about what the bible is teaching us about Homosexuality is simply that if men indulge
in that behaviour they will in time loose the favour of their creator. And as they said in Ancient Egypt, when the Gods take away your boat. There is no getting it back. That is about a bond with your soul and the creation. Not about corrupt doctors playing God.

There may be times when the base energy forces on earth become so great that humanity do need to reduce the focus or emphasis on homosexuality. We shouldn’t have a world where every television station promotes homosexuality, where every corporate working environment is full of homosexuality. But these changes can be made with simple conversation and decision making. We have also previously called on these communities to work on their communications with the broader world themselves and understand the long term effects of communication with younger generations about these issues.

All doctors involved in the prescription of Medication for HIV/AIDS should cease this practice. Business involved in the production of these medications should be wound down.

I can’t impress enough on people how critical the practice of truth in medical institutions has impacts on all. Some months ago my Dad was in a Hospitals ICU. I quizzed the Male nurse about AIDS being a scam. He wouldn’t hear it. So even though AIDS had nothing to do with the medical situation we were involved in, I was mortified that we had Nurses involved in the administration of Medication that didn’t know fact from fabrication. You see how being dishonest with certain segments of the population effects us all?

It is my sincerest hope that in the coming years we see the elimination of HIV/AIDS diagnosis and prescription of chemotherapeutic medications to those diagnosed with AIDS cease. People who choose homosexual lifestyles may experience particular medical conditions all of which can be diagnosed and treated in isolation, but not as a bundled medical phenomena that seems to have no basis in truth or reality. Unbundling this fraud will also have positive impacts on medical funding and resource decision making.

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