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Was the VAMP Chemo Regimen a modern example of human parasitism in our Hospital System?

Was the VAMP Chemo Regimen a modern example of human parasitism in our Hospital System?
May 9, 2018 Pharma TV
VAMP Chemotherapy

The apocalypse is not some tacky Hollywood movie with big explosions and shit. The apocalypse is something entirely different though it will be televised. We are going through a great period of de-occulting on earth.

One of the areas this is happening and that we are focused is in the area of medicine.

Much of the occulting of information that is presented in our media is complex and involves numerology, mythology, history and much more.

But is it possible that the occulting of some of the true intent of our recent histories medical industry is so scantly hidden in plain sight that it is telling us of the very sick nature of the people who have been running our cancer industry.

Upon researching the history of cancer treatment I came across the VAMP regimen for Chemo cancer treatment.

The VAMP being a reference to the 4 chemicals used in the process. However, knowing the darkness of those who have been in charge of society and knowing the nature of the tricks that they employed to gain trust within society, it would not surprise me in the slightest if this is a reference to Vampirism.

As in sucking the energy out of humanity. In the Deep occult study I have done, many suppose that major aspects of society are structured by entities who feed off us. If you want to relegate that thought to the realm of conspiracy theory you are welcome to do so. But in my analysis of the laws and systems we have been presented with on earth it does seem to me that we are very much the food. Is it the case that the elites of the last generation were so sick that they fed on the energy of dying cancer patients in our hospital systems and injected them with chemical combinations that had little to no chance of saving or extending their lives?

We will leave this article at this for now as little more than a thought. A thought that I think we will revisit in the future as our journey in this industry and other health related industries progresses.



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