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The State of Israel and Medical Crimes Against Humanity in Australia – The True History of Australia’s Medical Murders.

The State of Israel and Medical Crimes Against Humanity in Australia – The True History of Australia’s Medical Murders.
December 25, 2018 Pharma TV
Israel Bowman

The article is our first post intended to guide Australia’s Legal and Educational institutions to hold the state of Israel directly accountable for crimes against humanity in Australia.

From this point no further research or proceedings will be undertaken in order to name Israel as the leader of Medical crimes against humanity in Australia that have been carried out from within our Medical, Governmental, Banking and Media Institutions.

Both our macroscopic and focused research point to the state of Israel and established private corporations operating from Israel as guilty for undertaking crimes against humanity in the past. We also believe these crimes against humanity are ongoing.

Justice now needs to be administered against these bodies for:
– Crimes Against Humanity.
– Attempted intergenerational genocide.
– Murder of men women and children in Australian hospitals with intent and for profit.

For the specific crimes of:
– Prohibiting Natural Medicine and orchestrating a campaign of terror against civilians.
– Weaponising media technology and perpetrating acts of deception against humanity for the sake of profit.
– The use of falsified science and fabricated medical conditions to exchange life for profit.

Beyond The State of Israel and Private Israeli Corporations investigation and prosecutions should focus on:
– Ecclesiastic and Governmental bodies associated with Israel in Rome
– Private equity and venture capital firms in financial centres of London and New York with a history of operating in Australia.
– Private equity and venture capital firms with a history of operating in the Medical Industry.
– Established private and Governmental financial institutions such as Bank Rothschild (Sydney) and Reserve Banking bodies in Australia, the USA and England.

We will seek to accomplish the following goals and establish reforms in order to establish justice and equilibrium in earths institutions.
– Comprehensive documentation of these corporations historical activity including private corporations funded by Israel associated banking institutions. .
– Ensure that all corporations with headquarters in Israel undergo annual reviews that are to be funded by these corporations.
– That the true history of Israel’s Medical Crimes against humanity be taught in Australian schools.
– That the leaders of last generations medical and banking bodies serve jail sentences for Crimes Against Humanity if malicious intent or disregard toward humanity is proven.
– Australia should seek to terminate all commercial and governmental relationships with Israeli security and policing related firms that collude with Australian policing forces as history has proven such firms are willing to participate in crimes against humanity.

Israel is to be known amongst the people of earth as a rogue criminal state with a history in participating in Medical crimes.

May the imposition of justice against the state of Israel and it’s global accomplices last 1000 years until such a time that it learns how to run banking, media and financial institutions without exchanging life for profit.

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