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Organic Cannabis Brings Consciousness, The Mental Health Industry Creates Mental Health Problems. Exploring Cannabis and Bioelectric Energy.

Organic Cannabis Brings Consciousness, The Mental Health Industry Creates Mental Health Problems. Exploring Cannabis and Bioelectric Energy.
April 16, 2018 Pharma TV
Organic Cannabis

The fact of the matter is that Cannabis use heightens consciousness. This is exactly what leaders of government and the inherently sick medical industry do not want you to know. But there is a deeper occult side to the realities of Cannabis effects on consciousness and overall human health.

Medical and societal leaders on earth have known of the overall health impact of what could be described as ‘orgone energy’ for quite some time. So much so that many of histories great creators have abstained from sex, which they believed was a drain on their conscious energy, and worked on transmuting this energy into their creative efforts. How ironic that despite the fact that medical leaders have been keenly aware of the health benefits of organic energy to the human body, government policy has enforced a violent prohibition of a plant that is a direct contributor to our organic energy. When smoking the brain is given a direct boost to its consciousness through the pineal gland and we feel a calming of the body and boost in our creative energies. Consuming Cannabis as an edible will produce the same energy boost more broadly amongst all the bodies organs resulting in healing, stability and over time increasing the bodies overall health and energy. Of course cannabis should not be consumed in excess. However depriving the body of these compounds could also be seen as harmful.

So cannabis can be seen as both a protector of our nervous system and a supporter of what you might call Bioelectricity.

The occult knowledge of the bodies organic energy has been hidden from us by those who would prefer to see humanity weak and enslaved. A calculated, sinister and deceptive crime against humanity.

No Cannabis users especially who those have consumed cannabis over the period of prohibition have the right to comment on Cannabis and mental health. It is highly likely they have consumed poor quality cannabis that may contain chemicals and imbalances of the natural compounds that exist in cannabis.

One of the reasons that the tyrannical leaders of earth would not want populations consuming cannabis is that the increase in Cannabis use would increase consciousness amongst the population and increase the numbers of people that can see through our leaders tyrannical deceptions and corruptions.

In contrast to the many organic truisms connected to mans long association with Cannabis, The modern mental health industry have created out of thin air many of the Mental health conditions that they prescribe pharmaceuticals to ’treat’. The plethora of chemicals that the industry prescribe to address the conditions most of which have a history of shorter than 100 years can be described as experimental at best. It seems highly unlikely that the modern mental health industry have our best intentions at heart, and is abundantly evident that their industry is driven by desire for profit, control and destruction.

The documentary Making A Killing clearly outlines the acute problems in the Mental Health Industry, one of the biggest outstanding problems that plagues humanity and needs to be corrected.

It is no surprise that calls to legalise cannabis are met with scepticism by the Herald Sun, a publication owned by News Corp and associated with FOX. Fox numerologically related to the number 666, which would refer to the suppression of humanity away from our potential. The publications are nothing short of criminal and should be held accountable for participating in crimes against humanity. The extent to which they have participated in fraud and falsification resulting in the death of many innocents is on record, and it is our hope that their presence in the business community will become increasingly unwelcome.


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