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HIV/AIDS – Finding the Cure for Fraud.

HIV/AIDS – Finding the Cure for Fraud.
March 19, 2019 Pharma TV
HIV AIDS Finding the Cure for Fraud

Any human only really needs a few points of light to discern truth from fraud. For me, the factoid that in one nation you could be diagnosed with HIV and then in another you would not be diagnosed was the eye opener that awoke me to the fact there is something wrong with what we know as HIV/AIDS.

It kind of reminds me of how in Australia you turn on the news to hear about the latest Great White Shark Attack, yet in Thailand the Locals would happily tell you that the sharks were friendly there and didn’t bite. Similar light bulb moment. (Yes I am suggesting Great white shark attacks in Australia are part of a coordinated fraud.)

But another fascinating and useful point of light is watching how people slither. Watching the ways and means that people seek to slither out of their fraud is a great way to get a sense of the fraud that has transpired.

In Australia a few slick mouthpieces are trumpeting a cure for HIV/AIDS will soon be found. Well I guess that is one method of escape. Unless of course people wake up to the fact that the cure they have found is for decades of medical fraud.

These mouth pieces include the likes of “The Project” an Australian attempt at slick news reporting that almost daily trumpets the Gay and Transgender Cabal’s agenda. This show is so vile, I can barely tolerate sitting in front of it and watching mouthpieces basically regurgitate anything they are scripted to say no matter how corrupt or violent the intentions are behind the script.

Even though you may conceptualise the HIV/AIDS con as a predatory parasite feeding on the Gay community, the glacial pace of the eradication of the fraud within our medical system could also lead you to the conclusion the Gay community are complicit with corruption in our society and have sought to profit from it.

Beyond The Project, Media Whores like Richard Wilkins Jump at a chance to interview Charlie Sheen and play a part in perpetuating fraud by making the community believe that he has a disease that many who have worked closely to suggest has never been taken from a human. That’s right, the HIV tests detect a so called antibody to the Virus, not the virus itself. Would it be reasonable to suggest Charlie Sheen is being paid by big Pharma to perpetuate the concept of HIV/AIDS?

Keep your eyes closely focused on the HIV Community. You are going to learn how to worm your way out of medical fraud, financial fraud and ultimately murder.

Instead of allowing a slick scripted exit, My Belief is that the best approach would be to put Big Pharma and the beneficiaries of the Medical HIV Fraud through the ringer. Ensure that justice is administered and all fraud and all loss of life is accounted for. There will be clear records of those who have promoted HIV, those who have been part of funding it from Government budgets. These records all point to fraud and corruption and much of it was likely carried out by those who have known what they are a part of.

And while it will feel good that we have eradicated one medical fraud from our national health systems, keep your eyes peeled for the next one and be ready to stamp it out. Because the forces of evil that would be so sick as to engage in deception in our medical institutions do not dwell in the field of HIV alone. They dwell wherever they can get away with it.

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