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Hormone Abuse – the most neglected health topic by medical and mainstream media.

Hormone Abuse – the most neglected health topic by medical and mainstream media.
April 15, 2019 Pharma TV
Hormone Abuse

There are a number of medical topics that are a staple of the mainstream media. Hormone abuse is not one of them. I mean, turn on the 6 o’clock news and you are going to hear about your need to get vaccinated. Yup. You always need to jack a bunch of heavy metals and aborted fetus bits into your blood stream. But you are surely not going to hear about the societal problems caused by hormone abuse.

Can you think of any reason that it may not be a focus of mainstream media? What if we proposed that our political leaders are in fact a product of hormone abuse? What if we told you that many of our nations political leaders were in fact inverted pre or post birth with the use of hormones and deeply integrated with satanic cults that have operated on earth for hundreds of years?

That’s something you are not going to see on the 6 o’clock news. Guarantee it.

And hormone abuse is not a niche problem. It is not a problem that we should be neglecting. We should be deeply contemplating what effects this has on our society. There are a breadth of problems that hormone abuse will create in our society. In this article I don’t intended on exploring these all in depth. But why not look at a sample of them:

  • The process of inverting men with hormone abuse during birth can lead to the creation of what is known as a freemartin. The term freemartin comes from the compliant nature of these beings created through hormone imbalance. It is suggested that Government organisations such as the CIA have been involved in the mass production of freemartins in our society. Is it the case that governments, police forces and other government bodies are largely occupied by compliant freemartins. Are these beings being used to engage in theft of our assets and liberties. If so who are the men controlling them?
  • Is hormone abuse leading to medical abnormalities and diseases amongst children? It is proposed that certain conditions only arise from hormone abuse? If this is the case administering hormones prior to birth could only be described as child abuse. Do we need to put certain checks and balances on this practice? Do doctors with bad records in this area need to be investigated?
  • One aspect of human nature is our consciousness. Does the use or abuse of hormones effect the true nature of our human consciousness. Does destroying the natural balance of the masculine and feminine traits of beings have greater impacts than we are aware of? Are those engaged in the destruction of their consciousness also suppressing those around them?
  • In the area of plant cultivation introducing hermaphroditic plants into a crop is known to weaken the seed quality. Is this the intention of those spreading transgenderism throughout our society. Are they trying to weaken our culture and Gene Pool?
  • Are doctors using hormone abuse to create beings for the purpose of welfare abuse? Some propose that particular medical conditions only arise from pre birth hormone administration. Is our collective ignorance of this allowing doctors to get away with welfare and charity abuse by fabricating beings with particular conditions specifically for that purpose? Should we be investigating doctors with histories of being associated with children with particular medical conditions?

There are sinister people behind all of these problems. Birth is one of the most sacred processes in Gods creation. Manipulating the process for beings who have never been given a choice can only be described as an abomination. The fact that our political leaders are for the most part inverted transgenders themselves tells you why none of these topics make the mainstream news agenda. But make sure you get your yearly vaccinations.

All I ever hear in the news about transgenderism is calls for tolerance and acceptance. But the very real possibility that Transgenderism is for the most part entirely a work of dark magic designed to suppress and oppress our people exists.

The Jewish ADL is only ever going to push for acceptance on these issues. But as we have outlined in this article. Acceptance is the least of the issues we must consider when it comes to transgenderism and hormone abuse. I also find it perplexing that it seems to be taboo to tell people that transgenderism is in-fact the wrong path. The suicide rate of transgenders is commonly used as a tool to promote acceptance, but if we really cared about these people and the suicide rate maybe what we should really be saying is that they are taking the wrong path and causing harm to themselves and others.

When our bible teaches us that the man should not wear the clothes of a woman, it is doing so for a reason. To think that we as beings can completely invert our gender and there will be no consequences to gods creation is foolishness. Of course the consequences of doing so are profound not only to the beings that do so but also to societies as a whole.

Hormone abuse is a serious problem in our society. Those involved use medical trickery to engage in fraud, deception and ultimately murder but behind the scenes advocate aggressively for an agenda of self interest. It is time for people in media to turn off their Nickelodeon. And tune in to this topic and cover it in a comprehensive fashion that ensures the practice does not have serious harms on the future of our people.

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