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What is our Medications Index?

What is our Medications Index?
April 3, 2019 Pharma TV
Medications Index

Our Medications Index is intended to gather consumer data on Medication experiences and outcomes.

Although in its early stages of development the Index is currently built in an e-commerce platform, we have no intention of selling medications on Pharma.TV.

The purpose of this index is to get real time consumer feedback and facilitate interactions with members of the public via Pharma.TV

The medications index is in its infancy and over the coming months will grow to a modest index of 500 products.

Our work will focus on improving our knowledge and data on medications and how they are working in the community.

With little effort or research we have identified regimens that seem to have malicious intent toward humanity. As we gather more granular data and consumer feedback we will be better positioned when making comment on medications that should be criticised and medications that should be promoted.

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