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Kubrick and Cannabis

Kubrick and Cannabis
June 1, 2017 Pharma TV
Kubrick and Cannabis

Anyone that follows our work will know that Kubrick is one of our inspirations. He has influenced a lot of our work. So what does Kubrick have to do with Cannabis? Not much really. But recently I was watching the Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut and saw the scene where Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s characters smoked a joint together and wondered if there was any hidden message relating to Cannabis. When Nicole Kidman goes to smoke the Cannabis she looks at the mirror, opens the medicine cabinet and then takes it out of a Bandaid tin. When I first saw this I asked myself…hmmm, is Kubrick trying to teach us something with the use of the bandaid tin. After dwelling for all of thirty seconds I concluded, of course he as trying to tell us something. He was trying to tell us something with everything he did. Kubrick Cannabis

So what are we to interpret about the Cannabis being held in a Bandaid tin? Obviously that cannabis is merely a bandaid on the problems of humanity. Does that mean the Cannabis movement that is currently moving at light speed is in the wrong? No of course not. Because let’s face it. If you go into any medical establishment be it a pharmacy, doctor or ambulance and have a cut, the first thing you would expect them all to be able to provide is a bandaid. And if they told you they didn’t carry bandaids you would be fairly well disappointed.

Well, as I write this police in my nation are still arresting mothers, fathers and children for using bandaids. Bandaids to heal their children, to stop their spasms, to ease their pain. That should tell how how far we have to go. Even though we are saying bandaid, lets be real, Cannabis can be deeply healing for many health conditions. But lets be honest and say it’s not a cure all. It is however imperative for humans to reach their core health potential.

If we as humanity are to be honest with ourselves. There should be no regulation, taxation or prohibition of substances that allow humans to reach their natural god given health and potential. This is the best way to view Cannabis, an essential plant that will help people reach their god given physical and mental health potential. And not to be abused like anything else.

So we do not yet have a solid grasp of the message Kubrick was trying to get across with Eyes Wide Shut. But we believe it alludes to deep psychological and social issues that plague humanity. And Kubrick was trying to say that Cannabis alone will not solve these problems. However, it should surely still be legalised and consumers who require it medically should be able to access quality cannabis products. And for the love of god, end all of the conflict and energy that is consumed relating to cannabis prohibition so that humanity can begin addressing the deeper problems that Kubrick was trying to tell us about in his productions.

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