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Chemo Closure – How Australia will deal with historical corrupt medical activity.

Chemo Closure – How Australia will deal with historical corrupt medical activity.
May 4, 2020 Pharma TV
VAMP Chemotherapy

When I first started writing these I called them soft punishments. I don’t know about the word punishment. I don’t think its approaching the topic with the right attitude. I mean we would like to see business people people who engaged in this treatment with the wrong intent punished.

But funnily enough I look at this measure as the same way we treat our own work. We sell and promote something we ultimately do so because we believe we are promoting the right thing. So if something goes wrong you can correct it with your spirit. If something goes wrong you can really just correct it by telling the right story.

So VAMP chemo is obviously a corrupt medical treatment. All treatments in hospitals should be for saving lives not occult murder. I would imagine in the halls of bodies like the TGA VAMP is kind of a closed conversation now. Their records show that. But that doesn’t mean that its closed in the public.

We want to know the history of the treatment. We want to know who the CEO’s of the Israeli Pharma Companies who sold this stuff to Australia.

So What I am going to request as our measure to un-write that treatment out of Australia’s medical Arsenal is to get the doctors speaking about it. We are going to call for all doctors who have administered vamp to record a video about administering vamp chemo. In the video they will be required to detail what they thought of the treatment, how the patient looked & if the doctor thought that this treatment was extending the patients life.

To be honest if I was a doctor I would be kind of getting into the practice of doing this kind of work anyways as part of my own medical practice. Doctors may find if they do sound solid digesting of past techniques and past ways of thinking they actually reduce future liabilities.

So in summary Doctors that have had a history administering VAMP Chemo in Australia and people with histories of doing business with the companies that produce and promote these combinations will simply be asked to make some video records.
– What did they think of the treatment?
– Did it look like it was extending lives?
– How did they come to ending the use of this treatment.

For medical negligence and punishment we don’t want to see good doctors or people who care punished. When we are looking for bad forces on earth, like witch hunt style people can pick the wrong scapegoat. That can happen and in an industry where caring is really the main stock and trade I don’t really want to go around the medical industry pointing fingers. These kind of measures give doctors natural responsibilities and a way to spiritually work through historic treatments whilst leaving records of substance for future generations to lean on.

Hospitals whether public or private all play a role in caring for our society. These kind of measures that bring past corruption to the public realm and give medical practitioners the opportunity to tell their story will create a truer picture of Australia’s Medical History. VAMP is just one example that is probably dated in terms of medical treatments but its still a story that needs to be told.

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