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Decoding Moderna (COVID-19 Vaccination)

Decoding Moderna (COVID-19 Vaccination)
December 9, 2023 Pharma TV

On Pharma.TV We Recently Disclosed That COVID-19 Was A False Medical Event Designed To Act As A Downward Transmutation Of The 3rd Eye. 

Which You Can Decode From The Term COVID-19.

So Let’s Now Look At One Of The Names Of The Vaccinations – Moderna.

Im Not Going To Do A Detailed Analysis Of The Components of This Vaccine.

I Have Seen Other Medical Professionals Do This And Warn Against It.

Here Is A Decode Read Of Moderna.

The Most Important Phonetic Aspects Of This Name Are.


And NA

MO Reads: Divine Compassion Saturn

NA Reads: South Divine

Based On Our Current Decode Keys:

Moderna Reads: Divine Compassion Saturn Doorway Energy Saturn Energisation South Divine.

It Is Evident From The Read.

That The Products And Medications That This Firm Make.

Are Not Intended To Have A Positive Impact On The Health. 

It Seems That They Are Intentionally Designed To Harm.

We Would Advise All Consumers Against Using These Medications.

The Operations Of Moderna Are Covered In Our Elemental Purge Orders Around COVID-19.

All Business Transactions Relating To Their Products And Ongoing Medical Administrations Of Their Product Are Regarded As Criminal Conduct. Due To Their Malicious Intent Toward An Unsuspecting Public.

More Coverage Of COVID-19 And The Corporations And Vaccinations Surrounding It Coming To Pharma.TV Soon. 

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