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Decoding COVID-19 – What Was The Real Purpose Of The Event?

Decoding COVID-19 – What Was The Real Purpose Of The Event?
November 4, 2023 Pharma TV

A Lot Of People Have Covered Covid-19.

I Appreciate All Of The People Who Have Done Good Work In That Area.

Many People Have Covered The Deep Medical Aspects.

What I Would Say Is. Just like I Tell You Guys, It’s Not Possible To Be A Demon And An Arsehole, And Then Go Out Dressed As An Angel. Seems To Be Rules. The Cults Seem To Use People Who Are Marked Up.

Also, From Other Things I Have Published. Encodings On Hospital Wards And Encodings On Medical Addresses. It Doesn’t Seem To Be Possible To Be A Medical Doctor With Murderous Spirit And Not Be Buried In Paperwork That Basically Makes Your Murder Obvious To Wise Eyes.

Well Then, It Also Seems So That You Can’t Release Medications Or Fake Viruses Without Transparently Saying What It Is. A Lot Of People Have Covered COVID-19 But I Haven’t Seen A Direct Decode On What The Purpose Of The Event Is, Taken From The Word Itself COVID-19  

It’s Quite Easy To Understand And Just By Decoding The Word You Know The Intention Of The Act.

COVID Read: Divine Saturn Spirit Eye Doorway

So Covid Relates To Saturning The Spirit Eye. With Forced Injection.

The 19, Implies That They Are Saturning Our Ascension.

It’s That Simple It’s A Biological Attack Against Humanity Designed To Suppress The Core Brain Function.

Like I Said, One Of The Biggest Conspiracies Is The Downward Transmutation Of The Pineal.

What You Need To Realise. I Won’t Re-Cover This Whole Concept Here.

But Some Things In Life, You Get Power Or Influence By Getting Sign Off In The Boardroom. Or From A CEO, Or Politician.

But More Importantly, Your Influence Can Also Come From The Extent With Which Your Being Grows Into Spirit. Its Like The Difference Between And Small Tree And A Big Tree. 

And They Are Trying To Chemically Circumcise Us With Force.

I Will Be Publishing More Material On This Across Our Network Including Steps We Can Take If They Try To Orchestrate Such Events Again.



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